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For a two-piece suit


French Sizing3638404244


Please note that all our tops are adjustable in the back.
It is important to know your true bra size.

French sizing

36 = AA34, A32, B36
38 = AA36, A38, B32, C30
40 = A36, B34, C32, D30
42 = B36, C34, D32, DD30
44 = C36, D34, DD32

For a one-piece suit

Find the size that would be the best compromise between the top and the bottom part of your body.

For example, if you are a size 36 top and a size 40 bottom, we would recommend a size 38.

However, if there is a big difference between your top and bottom (you are a size 44 top and a size 36 bottom), we would recommend that you purchase a two-piece swimsuit.

For cover-ups

One size fits all
US size: 2 – 8
French size: 36 – 42